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Tim Assal (PhD Student)

MS, University of Wyoming
BS, The George Washington University


I have worked in a variety of natural resource related positions over the years, usually with a geospatial tilt. Most recently I have worked under contract to the US Geological Survey and hope to incorporate some of my work into my dissertation research. I plan to investigate the role that ecological disturbance, climate variability and human land use have played in shaping patterns of aspen islands on the landscape in Wyoming and Colorado. I have general interests in landscape ecology, biogeography, GIS, remote sensing, and the role of humans in landscape change from local and global scales. I also have a strong interest in education and I have taught geography at Front Range Community College for the last six years. In my free time I enjoy all of the perks that living in Colorado has to offer.

Lucy Burris (PhD Student)

Human environment interactions; quantitative ecology
More information coming soon.

Scott Esser (MS Student)

BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison


After graduating in 2001 with a B.S. in Biological Aspects of Conservation with an emphasis in Botany from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I began my career in the federal government working at Rocky Mountain National Park as a Biologist. After nearly 10 years working for the National Park Service on a variety of projects from native plant restoration to large ungulate culling, I am attending CSU working towards a Master's degree under Dr. Jason Sibold. My project will establish current baseline information and trends for various resources in Rocky Mountain National Park. This information can be used to determine the future health of resources and make better management decisions about how to protect them.

Jean Fleming (MS Student)

BS, Colorado College


I grew up in Eugene, Oregon and I moved to Colorado to complete my undergraduate studies in biology at Colorado College. Since graduation I have spent my time working for the Conservation Department at the Denver Zoo on a research project studying the effects of bison verses cattle grazing on the biodiversity of short grass prairie species. My main interests include the ecology of forest disturbance, and I am excited to be joining Jason Sibold's lab where I will be studying fire disturbance in Great Sand Dune National Park.

Carlyn Perovich
(MS Student)

BS, Tulane University


Originally from New Hampshire, I received a bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Tulane University. After graduating, I moved back up North to New York, where I worked in a variety of fields, including environmental education, horticulture, and land management. As a new M.S. student, I’ll be working with Jason Sibold, looking at the effects of disturbances such as fire and insect outbreaks on forest ecosystem dynamics and characteristics.

David Scott (PhD Student)

MS, Colorado State University
BA, Humboldt State


I graduated from Humboldt State University with a BA in Geography where my studies focused around climate, mountain environments and biogeography especially in the coast redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada, CA and the Central Andes. I have worked on projects involving the cushion plant llareta (Azorella compacta) in the Bolivian altiplano, cold-air pooling and hydrology around Devils Postpile NM and alpine plant communities in the US, Bolivia and Peru. I am working for Jason Sibold researching the ongoing spruce beetle (Dendroctonus rufipennis) outbreak in the San Juan Mountains. My current research interests focus around how patterns of disturbance are affected by competition, climate, topography and human activities.

Freddy Saavedra
(PhD Student)

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Alexandra Urza, MS, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Graduated Spring, 2012

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